Empowering women as a path towards equality with Womanity Foundation

No room for bluffing
June 6, 2018

Empowering women as a path towards equality with Womanity Foundation

A teenage girl who earns a scholarship to access an education just like her brothers, a housewife who –after years of being unemployed- gets a job in construction, a Muslim woman journalist hosting a radio show for other women in the Muslim world. All these people have one thing in common: they are being supported by  The Womanity Foundation, who believes that empowering women and girls in India, Brazil and Syria is a path towards a world of equality.

Since 2012, ZIGLA has been collaborating with Womanity’s team in the design of M&E strategies for its global programs in women empowerment. After long trips to India, days of field work in Brazil, and many hours of observation and analysis, we have learned a lot from Womanity’s world-reaching and innovative programs. During the first few years we worked on evaluating the Womenchangemakers program, which still continues to build capacities in organizations who are working to empower women in Brazil and India. After that, we began working with Womanity Award, a global program facilitating the replication of innovative interventions that can stop gender violence. Finally, we worked with the Be 100 Ragl program, an animated fiction looking to induce positive behavior towards women empowerment in the Middle East. Womanity believes the media has huge power to end the seclusion of women by reaching their homes, inviting to reflect on existing gender inequalities, and giving people information need to have a healthy debate.

In November 2018 we were invited to participate in meetings with several professionals in Womanity’s team. It was an intensive and enriching encounter. We were invited to lead a monitoring and evaluation workshop, and we got to see Womanity challenging itself to grow even more. We got a front seat view at an organization preparing to evolve from a program-led perspective towards a vision of comprehensive interventions, impacting regions throughout the entire world.

Looking into the future, we are preparing to design the Theory of Change for Womanity’s programs and help its team measure the results they achieve, learning from past successes and mistakes. The long flights and the intense work will continue in the coming years. Womanity’s challenge is great, but worth the effort. As ZIGLA, we are happy to walk this mutually enriching road together.

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